Grad Students Create TaxiCity Game with Bing Maps


What happens when you mix Canadian Grad Students, Silverlight, Bing Maps and the perfect push up? Well, apparently, you get Taxi City. Taxi City is an online game powered by Silverlight and Bing Maps Platform for picking up and dropping off passengers in and around Vancouver, Canada.


The game uses keyboard controls to navigate the streets and a Bing Map inset for viewing the actual road in Vancouver. It’s fricking hard, but fun!

From the team, “We are a group of first- and second-year graduate students at the Centre For Digital Media at Great Northern Way Campus in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Our team is composed of students from China, India, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the US, and includes a skill-set ranging from programmers to graphic designers, producers and project managers. We are a game development team working this term to create a project that showcases the power of Silverlight and the Bing API for Microsoft Canada.” I was lucky enough to engage with these guys early and guided them to document their adventures with Bing Maps coding and they’ve made some (entertaining) videos for your perusal. They even provided the code! Nice guys. Cool app. Go waste some of your day playing.

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