Commandeer the ‘Bookmark’ (star) button on the toolbar

Please describe your question/comment in detail (for example, steps to reproduce the problem): Bookmarks are always poorly implemented, unlike search engines which can be defined, specific to service, the bookmark ability of all browsers is local and useless… people have been using for years and years and it should hook into that.

Google Chrome version (type about:version into the address bar): v5.0.342.9

Operating System:Error Message:Crash ID (follow the steps here: (if applicable):Extensions installed: Mac OS X

Lets say I was a developer and I wanted to use the existing Bookmarks star button to hook into my own bookmark database… lets say I wanted to make it so that when I clicked that button the mini bubble would pop-up as normal but it hooked into a specific service e.g. that allowed me to enter some tags and a description of the webpage and then the page would be saved to my account.. could I do that, is Chrome's code flexible enough for that?

The problem is every browser has its own bookmark system, I think Chrome is the only one which saves to the cloud or has a cloud bookmark service? but I use's service see, so in all the browsers from IE, Firefox and to Safari I have used I've had to ignore that part of the browser and quite frankly I think that's a waste. I would like to keep the star button for uniformity but hook into a certain service so to see Google appreciate, as it does with search engines, the type of bookmark service users subscribe too (there are a few now) would be really sensible. I'd also like to keep bookmark caching off my system, I want it as connected to the cloud as possible and as free as possible.

In essence I would like to select the online bookmark service I use in the Preferences/Settings pane, wether that be from Apple's, Yahoo, Google,… from here I would also like to toggle on/off locally stored bookmarks and if possible the fields shown in the bubble that pops up as providers tend to go crazy by showing too much; all I need is a Tags and Comment field… nice and simple and in the cloud. Come on Google, this is what you should be working toward.

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