How to move Browser when it is positioned beyond viewable desktop?

For some reason, my Google Chromium has positioned itself to the far, FAR right of my desktop, in the portion that is not viewable.  I have tried a gazillion times to "move" the browser back over to the left on the viewable portion of my desktop with absolutely NO success.  It has done this before, but that time I was able to right click and "move" the browser back over to the viewable portion of my desktop.  However, this occasion that Chromium has decided to hide itself has not allowed me to "move" it, and I have tried more times than I can count.  I've tried to stack the windows, cascade the windows, position side by side, uninstall, uninstall and remove all registry entries… all with absolutely NO effect.

Is there anyone who can help me figure out how to get my Chromium back over onto the viewable desktop?  I'm very frustrated and am out of ideas… I've even tried to adjust the horizontal position of the screen in the hopes of maybe seeing a small portion of it that I could grab and hold onto to move, but nothing is visible… please, anyone who can help I would very much appreciate.

Thank you in advance to anyone who responds to my plea for assistance.


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