How do i restore a closed window on OS X

This is independent of the version of chrome i am using, and independent of any extensions.

is there a way to restore a session on OSX if i accidently close a window? i have my LAST TABS and LAST SESSION files backed up. normally, i have the "save current session" setting checked, but since on OSX when you close a window the app stays open, Chromium doesnt save the session for that window and i lose all my tabs. i used to be able to just replace the CURRENT SESSION and CURRENT TABS files with the LAST SESSION and LAST TABS files to restore my previously lost session, but it has ceased to work as of about 4 months ago. so every time i accidently close a window, i have to start over or go fishing through the old tab and session files to find what was previously open. is there any way to make chrome restore a session using the LAST TABS and LAST SESSION files on OSX? please help, this is getting rather irritating.

Sincerely, Zarky

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