how do i find out where the sites i visited moved to?

as soon as i installed chrome all the site i visit on a regular basis moved!!! all of them!! my mail even!! wow they really must not like me! i had to bring firefox  back up to let you know that your new browser that i hear nothing nut good about does nothing but tell me that the site has moved or down! ie works fine firefox works fine but chrome leaves a lot for me to desire!! now i know that there is something wrong with my install or something because i have NEVER had a problem with anything google has came out with!! that is a promise I think that google is king and i express that to everyone that asks me email, photo org, maps and everything else! you guys rock!so maybe just a little help is all i need! i am running xp 1 gig ramgateway something (not my pc but it came preloaded with xp so i know it is reasonably fast) if you need more info let me know and i will dig deeper but for all it doesnt do i am sure i did something wrong on the install.

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