Prevent the “Backspace” key from being a shortcut to go “Back” ?

Default behavior turns the Backspace key on the keyboard into a shortcut for going Back in the browser.

There has never been a time when I want the Backspace key to do anything but Backspace. It seems outrageous to me that Chrome still insists on this stupid tradition, yet have no option to change it. Why on Earth would I want to go back to the previous page when pressing a button that in every other circumstance will only delete (towards the left)? Is Alt-Left Arrow not good enough? Make it Alt-Backspace or something!

It's almost like making one of the Shift key do something that interrupts your session, like close the window…or turning the Delete key into Reload?

This has got to be the stupidest "feature" around. I wish violence on whoever forces this on us.

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Google Chrome

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