Gorgeous golf courses across the globe

I don’t play golf, but I love golf courses — and I can see why my golf-playing friends and relatives are willing to travel long distances just to visit a certain course. Golf courses are beautiful, whether they consist of neatly manicured lawns or blend into the natural landscape.

A new Bing Travel slide show presents 13 of the most gorgeous golf courses around the world, worth traveling to see even if your links experience is limited to mini-golf. They include the timeless St. Andrews Old Course in Scotland, traditionally considered the birthplace of golf; Whistling Straits in Wisconsin, snugged up on the rugged shores of Lake Michigan; and California’s Pebble Beach, whose views of the Pacific Ocean’s crashing surf are breathtaking.

I’d like to visit all of them, but I’d especially enjoy seeing the Old Head course on the coast of Ireland — and maybe try my hand at midnight golf at Norway’s Lofoten Golf Links, north of the Arctic Circle.

Have you visited the golf courses we picture here? Which ones would you like to visit, and which courses would be on your own list of gorgeous golf venues? Share your thoughts in the comments section. Fore!



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