tabs opening in new windows

I am using vista
and am having a problem with tabs opening in new windows instead of the same window 
it does not happen with all pages but an example is noesis chat
I load the start page that opens in a tab
then the actual chat page opens in a new tab in a new window instead of the window I am using
I end up with many windows open which id rather not have
I think I may have to go back to ie but i like google chrome

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Google Chrome

How do I…?

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One thought on “tabs opening in new windows

  1. Howdy

    That is actually by design, as the Noesis Chat client was created to be a standalone window. It is for all intents and purposes, a popup. As a result, it would only be possible to have it open in another tab in browsers that support restricting all popups to tabs.

    /Larholm – Owner of Noesis Chat

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